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In November of 2015, Kadak House was founded in Hyderabad to answer a challenge: to provide an outstanding tea experience. For our first pilot store, an upscale store was set up in Hyderabad in an area of just 200 sq ft to give high-quality tea varieties to our guests in a hygienic setting. Our pilot store was a great success and led us to become Hyderabad’s most famous and fastest growing tea cafe brand, setting up 7+ outlets in just 5 years!

Now, we are happy to share that we are in the process of expanding not just in Hyderabad but across India!

11:00 am - 8:00 pm
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(555) 111-4442

Ek Kadak Cup

Tea is not just a cup of refreshment. For Indians, it is a vital component of our daily rhythm. Every worry, every joy, every conversation about everything; life, politics, work, business, and sports, takes place over this humble cup of chai. 

Unfortunately, tea is never given the same attention as other beverages (coffee!), making it difficult for individuals to appreciate the flavors of excellently brewed tea & to savor the ambiance of premium tea shops.

tons of honey were delivered
million bees on our farm
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Martin Swan
Senior beekeper
Lisa Jones
Founder and SEO
Mat Smit
Beekeping trainer
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Honey production

We have been producing honey for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products.

Beekeeping course

Everything you need to know about beekeeping in our overwhelming online course.

Swarm removing

We also provide a service for removing bee swarms. Just give us a call and we will deal with it right away.

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